Win the race with:

Marketing Strategy

Tailored to align with your business strategy

Fractional CMO

To implement marketing strategy for consistent ROI




Too many scaling businesses waste marketing budget on a loose collection of tools and resources but can’t show ROI because of the absence of a marketing strategy or the right person to implement that strategy against measurable Key Performance Indicators.


How does this work?

Marketing Strategy

You provide us with details of your company strategy, marketing history and marketing spend by completing a detailed form curated for this purpose.

We conduct a marketing GAP analysis, create a comprehensive marketing strategy with KPIs and provide a budget for the next 24 months. 

Once-off fixed fee.

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

With the marketing strategy in place, we provide a fractional CMO to support its implementation over 24 months, working towards clear KPIs

Your Fractional CMO will dedicate a fixed amount of time per month to:

  • brief marketing strategy to marketing contractors, explain their role in its implementation and the KPIs they need to meet;
  • ensure that marketing spend stays within budget;
  • provide monthly reports to show performance against marketing strategy.

Fixed monthly fee.

Ready for the race?

At Get Set Strategy we help you to pull all the elements of peak performance together.

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We believe in delivering a high-quality service using the most up-to-date tools and insights available, without obscuring the process with unnecessary jargon or chasing clicks that don’t convert to paying customers.

We prize efficiency and to deliver on agreed-upon strategic KPIs using SMART goals and processes.

Now you don’t have to choose between a smart business decision and your budget. With a fractional CMO from Get Set Strategy, you can have the strategic marketing expertise that you need, without the responsibility of a full-time hire on your payroll.